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Simple DIY Projects for a quaint cottage feel

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DIY Wooden Trays + Boxes

A wooden tray or box for every occasion

When I started making rustic decor, I soon discovered that wooden trays and boxes were my favourite thing to make. Once I stepped away from the standard designs and drawer pulls that never seemed to be the proper scale, a new world opened up. And the best thing? I didn’t need fancy woodworking skills; I just needed to come up with my own look and “fake” the fancy part if it suited me. 


In these tutorials, I’ll show you how to cut and build trays and give you tips on making them look like you have mad woodworking skills. You know what else? Things that appear hard, i.e., making handles, are typically straightforward. Of course, I share all of this with you in the tutorials.


I’ve made trays with stencils, an embossed look, and vintage-inspired with paint or wood. I’ve created custom trays and boxes for birthdays, babies, housewarmings (I would add their new address), weddings and anniversaries (I added their names & date). The possibilities are endless!


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