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Simple DIY Projects for a quaint cottage feel

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DIY Decor

DIY Decor Ideas

Creating DIY decor has many benefits; you can customize it to fit your space, take something ordinary and add your own flair. Whatever you do, handmade is so much nicer than mass-produced. It can also be a source of income. Let’s not forget the satisfaction gotten when you look at your creation and say, “I made that!”. The secret to my approach when designing and making unique handmade decor is one part curiosity; what happens if I try this? And the other part is a willingness actually to test the idea. Sometimes ideas work, and sometimes they don’t. The other thing I do is to keep trying and tweaking until I am happy with the look.

In my tutorials, there is always room to add your personality or reinvent it to fit your vision. In a world filled with plastic, it is a beautiful thing to be able to create something out of wood by hand.

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Vintage Peg hooks

Vintage Peg Hooks DIY

I am drawn to old wooden chippy-paint decor for its vintage, time-worn look that comes from years and years of use. However, since I typically

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A sample of four Fall signs

Fall Signs

In this tutorial I share four Fall signs designs for free. You can ditch the “wait 24 hours method” for transferring the graphics and try

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Hi! This is me, Lisa. The face behind The Old Tree Cottage. 

I’ve recently retired from wholesaling my work. I’ll still be in and out of the shop often to create new designs to share with you.