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The wood floor is done!

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The wood flooring is done

There were times when I just wanted someone to come along and say Surprise! The wood floor is done! I had the same feeling when it came to installing the shiplap! The easy but expensive route would have been to buy new flooring. Instead, I got a great deal on unfinished wood flooring from my wood guy, Keith. He had tongue and groove flooring that sat unused for 30 years! Thirty years?! The only thing I’ve kept that long is my husband!

I spent a few hours sorting through the wood pile with Keith to see what was still usable. I definitely had a workout sorting, loading and unloading it!

The wood floor is done!

Hurry up and wait for the wood floor.

The pile of boards sat in the cottage for weeks while I finished installing and painting the shiplap. Sometimes, I felt discouraged that I wasn’t moving as fast as my younger self. I would remind myself that at least I was moving!

I had just begun to install the flooring when we received an evacuation alert because of the wildfires in our area. After about a week on alert, I continued with the flooring because it kept me busy. No matter how anxious I felt, we were home safe, unlike some people who lost their homes.

Setting a goal and actively working towards said goal are two different things!

I had a doable goal to install the rest of the flooring during the September long weekend. It was a good plan. Except I didn’t do anything about it. My husband suggested I set smaller goals, like installing four rows a day. The whole “eat an elephant one bite at a time” was just the advice I needed because I pulled up my big girl panties and got it done!

I wanted a light wood floor. The wood said otherwise.

With the flooring installed, it was time to face reality. I wanted a light wood floor, but the wood had too many orange and pink tones. So, I did what I do best; I changed my mind. I didn’t like any of the commercial stains I tried on scrap wood. And then I had one of those light bulb moments; why not use my black water wash to make the wood look vintage, just like I do when I make my wooden trays? I did a happy dance when it dried because I loved the look! (thank goodness!)

Now, to seal the wood floor.

I went with an oil-based satin clearcoat made for flooring. It was smelly but worth it because it’s more durable than water-based. I ended up putting on five coats. Not because I wanted to but because I needed to fix previous mistakes. When I say fix, I really mean fix it enough so that it is perfectly imperfect because that is my style!

Baseboards done. Check!

I love to upcycle when I can. It’s also a way to save money. The baseboards were made from old lap siding that I ripped down to about 4″ wide. I was on such a roll now that the end was in sight! The moulding was primed, installed and painted in record time. I can’t help but admire how well it looks with the wood floor.

Time to stage the cottage.

I invited my friend to see the progress, and I couldn’t help but stage it first. Two outdoor chairs filled in for my dream chairs that I’ve yet to discover. My parents’ antique cobbler bench works perfectly for a coffee table. The electric fireplace I found on FB Market Place a year ago was put in, and it was as beautiful as I had imagined. We enjoyed a cup of tea in front of the fireplace as the flames flickered. The candles and soft music added to the ambiance. It felt exactly as I hoped it would: Once inside, there’s no sense of time, if only for a few minutes.

Done but not done!

With the main part finished, I can chip away at the rest. It will slowly evolve as I find or make pieces that speak to me. There is still the landscaping to work on as well. I hope to do more of that before the weather turns. Getting this far has been a labour of love. But all in all, it’s turning out exactly as I imagined and let me tell you, in my world, that isn’t always the case! Start here if you want to read more about My DIY Cottage journey.

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