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Faux Plant Decor Idea

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Faux plant decor idea. Succulent plants on rock.

If you’re looking for unique DIY gift ideas or for things to sell, then this is something you’re going to want to check out! All it takes is a rock and a faux plant to do this faux plant decor idea! They literally take minutes to make, and depending on the age of the child, they could assist you when you make them- think Mother’s Day or birthday!


  • Your choice of rocks, either purchased or found. I found mine at the lake near me.
  • Small faux succulents or faux plants. I used these ones.
  • Wire cutters
  • 5-minute epoxy
  • Masonry drill bit and drill (I used a 5/32″ bit that came in this set)
  • Clamp to hold the rock when drilling the hole
  • Safety goggles

1. Drill a hole in the rock for the faux plant

Drill a hole in the rock to add the faux plant
  1. Always be safe when drilling into rock; wear safety goggles and clamp the rock so your hands are out of harm’s way!
  2. Before you drill, decide how you want the rock to sit and mark where the hole will go.
  3. Drill down about 1/2″.

2. Trim the faux plant stem

Trim the stem of the faux plant that you'll be inserting into the hole in the rock
Trim the stem to 1/2″ long
  1. Trim the stem of the faux plant to 1/2″ (the same depth as the hole you made in the rock.)
  2. Before you move on to the glue stage, make sure the plant fits properly in the hole. Trim off more of the stem if needed.

3. Add some 5-minute epoxy to the hole

  1. Mix a small amount of the 5-minute epoxy to add to the hole in the rock. Not too much, though, because you don’t want it to ooze out. If it does, wipe it off right away.
  2. You may have to adjust the plant until it’s sitting just how you want it. If, for some reason, the plant won’t sit on its own before the epoxy sets, get something to help support it so it remains stable. In this instance, I used the epoxy bottles to help hold the plant in place.

Once the epoxy has set, you’re done!

How easy was this faux plant decor idea? Drilling into the rocks is much easier than you would think when you have the right drill bit! Have fun creating! If you’re looking for more DIY ideas, check out The Old Tree Cottage.

Faux plants on rocks

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