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My DIY Cottage

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Fall flowers at the diy cottage

Welcome to my DIY Cottage blog! I’m Lisa from The Old Tree Cottage. For years I’ve dreamed of having a quaint little one-bedroom cottage on my property. Well, that part didn’t happen, but I have the next best thing! I’m working on a small one-room hangout beside the big old Ash tree in my lower field. Some might call it a she-shed or even a shed. I should warn you, though, I gave my husband a squinty-eyed glare when he referred to it as a shed. He doesn’t use the “S” word anymore, at least not to my face! The best observation of what it is came from my four-year-old granddaughter, who said it’s a playhouse for adults! She’s not wrong! I, however, call it The Old Tree Cottage.

What I’d like The Old Tree Cottage to feel like

My goal is to make it a place where you feel instantly relaxed—where time seems to move slowly. The gentle breeze in the garden whispers to you to stay awhile. The fireplace draws you inside on a cold day, inviting you to sit and forget the real world exists. Sitting on a window seat, you look out to the field as you soak up the warm autumn sun. The old shiplap walls and vintage-inspired decor make you believe you’ve left the hustle and bustle. There’s no sense of time if only for a few minutes.

It’s not only time that’s moving slowly at My DIY Cottage.

And this is where you hear the record player screeching to a halt -at least for those old enough to know what that sound is. I hired someone to build the cottage shell in late spring, but it’s primarily me working on it with some help from my husband when he can. It seems I’m not as fast or consistent as I hoped. It’s December now, and I have a long way to go, but the journey is half the fun, right? My DIY cottage is more work than I realized, but I’m up for the task! Just not in -26c weather. I wouldn’t say I’m a fair-weather kind of a person. A medium-weather person is probably more accurate.

Finding deals to keep the cost down

I’ve gathered some great finds so far. The fireplace came from FB Market Place. I found an insert for it on Amazon. I plan to rebuild the surround and centre it on the back wall between the two long narrow windows. Then I’ll put two window seats on either side of the fireplace. I’ve had a few ideas for above the fireplace; a faux brick made from drywall compound and caulking or perhaps the faux tiles I did as a backsplash in my kitchen. The tiles are made of wood and stencilled to look like cement tiles. I’m very visual, so I’ll probably make that decision once I get closer. I was given leftover luxury vinyl flooring from my son’s house. I barely have enough, so I’m prepared mentally if it doesn’t work out.

Now I’m in hurry-up-and-wait mode.

If I get a break in the temperature, I’ll get back in there and finish the insulation and vapour barrier so I can start on the walls. It’s a catch-22 situation. I need to finish the walls before my electricity will get hooked up. Wish me luck!

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