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DIY Pinecone Craft For Christmas

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Pinecone decor

Do you like quick and easy craft projects as much as I do? If so, I have just the thing for you; a little DIY pinecone craft for Christmas. However, you could switch it up and put a little sprig or bottle brush tree in the glass knob instead. I’ll use mine on my place settings for our Christmas dinner, but they would be perfect anywhere. Of course, they’d also make sweet little gifts or an addition to your craft sales.

Hi! I’m Lisa from The Old Tree Cottage. I love Christmas. The sparkle, the greenery… the chance to make handmade decor and gifts to my heart’s content! Sigh.

Supplies for DIY pinecone crafts for Christmas

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Let’s get to it!

If you’re making these for yourself, I would say go for the glue gun. However, if you’re making these for gifts or to sell, the 5-minute epoxy will be a better choice to keep everything in place permanently. The instructions below are for using the epoxy with some help from the glue gun.

  1. To help the pinecone sit flat, remove the stem if it’s on.
  2.  Mix the 5-minute epoxy according to the directions. 
  3.  Using a toothpick, apply a nice solid layer of epoxy around the base of the knob, then add hot glue over the hole.
  4.  Press the pinecone firmly into place on the base, making sure it’s sitting as straight as it can.
  5.  Once the epoxy has been set, you can add a ribbon or leave it as is.

And that’s it! I wasn’t kidding; this was a fast project!

Not only do pinecones look pretty paired with a small glass knob. I know there are many more ways to use the glass knob, so if you have ideas you’d like to share, please leave a comment!

3 ideas to use glass knobs in decor

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